Lesson 1- Sewing Upside Down- BobbinWork

There are many beautiful decorative threads that are too large to go through the eye of the needle. Learn to use these great threads with BobbinWork to enhance any project needing raised and/or textural effects. Saturday, January 7   10-11:30
2017BCL-1 Bobbinwork

Lesson 2- Wool Stitch Effects and NeedlePunch

Turn your BERNINA sewing machine into a needle punching, creative machine! Learn the easy conversion steps, variety of techniques and materials needed. Add some stitches with wool thread for extra gravy. Saturday, February 4   10-11:30

Lesson 3- Pintucks and Decorative Stitching- A Perfect Combination

Learn to texturize fabric with pintucks in differing sizes and how to embed decorative stitches within the tucks. Saturday, March 4   10-11:30

Lesson 4- On the Edge- BERNINA Hemmer Feet

Learn to beautifully finish any with BERNINA hemmer feet, create hems on a variety of fabrics.
Saturday, April 1   10-11:30

Lesson 5- Designing with Circles

Add circular motifs to any project with the BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment. Create circular patchwork, applique, couched effects and use decorative stitches- all with this one amazing device that works with a wide range of feet.
Saturday, May 6  10-11:30

BERNINA Club L-6 Just Couch It!

Add texture to your project any time with the couching feet. Find out the secrets to pairing them up with a variety of cord sizes.

BERNINA Club L-7 Piping and Cording

Learn to create piped and corded edges that are useful in many types of sewing and quilting. Piping or cording can add a finished accent as well as make easy to finish edges.

BERNINA Club L-8 Quilting with Rulers

Add quilted lines and shapes into your blocks with quilting rulers. Learn how to work with BERNINA’s newest foot; the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72.

BERNINA Club L-9 Ruffle Your Edges

Just one tool can create many sizes and shapes of ruffles to complement any edge. Great for clothing, home décor and quilting – the BERNINA Ruffler Foot #86 can create the perfect finish.

BERNINA Club L-10 Free-motion Effects

Thread painting and free-motion quilting are easier to do with the correct presser foot. Discover the differences between the BERNINA quilting feet and which to use to be more successful.


Lesson-1 You CAN Have it Both Ways

Embroidering on napkins is always a fun, quick project and a great way to practice your embroidery skills. We will talk about placemant and how to hoop (or not hoop) napkins, embroider on them and create them into a unique project perfect for travel.
Saturday, January 7   12-1:30

Lesson 2- On the Edge

Placing designs along a specific edge can be challenging! This lesson will discuss how to place designs so they fit within a specific length of fabric using multi-hooping. Take that technique and apply it to a cute and stylish apron.
Saturday, February 4   12-1:30


Lesson 3- Just for Embroidery

In-the-Hoop projects are a lot of fun, and they make quick, inexpensive gifts! We will take a look at some examples of in-the-hoop items and create a cell phone charger station that keeps your phone charger neat and tidy. Saturday, March 4   12-1:30


Lesson 4- Double the Fun

We will make a easy double pocket pouch using two embroidery techniques- quilting in-the-hoop and couching with embroidery. Saturday, April 1   12-1:30

Lesson 5- Sew Many Options

This tote is perfect for showing off embroidery designs! Take a look at several different embroidery techniques as you create the perfect totes to showcase your machine embroidery. Saturday, May 6   12-1:30

All About EmbroideryL-6 Pocket Full of Fun

Recycle a pair of old jeans to make these unique pot holders! In the process we will take a look at how to embroider on pockets and talk about embroidery on denim fabric.

All About EmbroideryL-7 Boatload of Organizational Ideas

There are a boatload of items that you can store in these Button Boats! We will create this one-of-a-kind “boat” that holds the things you need most and keeps them handy. Then, we will talk about organizational aids that will keep your sewing room and embroidery needs organized.

All About EmbroideryL-8 Colorful Pouches

Creating beautiful embroidery with colorful threads will be the focus of this program as we take a look at different threads that can be used in the embroidery machine. We will create a colorful pouch using a design from Susan Roony’s “Create” embroidery collection.

All About Embroidery L-9 Fluffy Stuff

Embroidering on towels, velour, and other fluffy stuff can be a challenge. This class will give you guidelines to create perfect embroidery on towels. We will also create an in-the-hoop towel hanger to show off your work.

All About Embroidery L-10 Two for One

Stitch up a unique double-zip box pouch with two compartments to use for travel or to store sewing accessories. We will take a look at some handy em-broidery aids and accessories that will make the embroidery process easier.


Lesson 1- Expanding the Boundaries

PhotoStitch is a fun new feature of Software 8! If the size limitations of the picture are restricting, learn how to create a larger picture using this great new feature of Software 8 along with a few tricks from Artwork Canvas. Saturday, January 21   10-12


Lesson 2- Creating Texture with Altering Pattern Runs

Create interesting textures using Alternating Pattern Runs. Learn how to use basting stitch markers to create a design that reaches beyond the limit of the hoop. Saturday, February 18   10-12


Lesson 3- Quilting Made Easy

Use Software 8 to efficiently create your next quilted project. See how quick and easy it is to add quilting stitches around designs that are perfectly placed. Saturday, March 18   10-12

Lesson 4- Beyond the Surface

Software 8 has six new puffy foam alphabets! Let’s investigate embroidering 3D fonts and digitizing designs to work with puffy foam.
Saturday April 15   10-12


Lesson 5- Reaching Beyond the Limits

BERNINA Software 8 has new multi-hooping features. During this lesson, we will explore how this new feature works and how to best align designs that reach beyond the limits of your embroidery hoop. Saturday May 21   10-12

Software Inspirations L-6 Shh...it’s a Secret

Shh..it’s a secret! Something new and exciting is coming to BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 and this lesson will spill the beans on these new updates.

Software Inspirations L-7 Let’s Get Personal

Personalization of items is always in vogue. Let’s explore the monogramming program of Software 8 and create monograms that can be used on a variety of blanks.

Software Inspirations L-8 Digitize Your Couching

Couching is a fun technique to add texture to your projects. We’ve been able to couch yarns with our embroidery machine since the Free-Motion Couching Foot #43 was created, but the couching feature in software is new. This lesson will focus on ways to add couching to your projects

Software Inspirations L-9 3D Globe Effects—A Whole New World!

With 3D Globe effect you can create a wonderful three-dimensional embroidery effect. Create this contoured effect using the numerous patterns in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 and learn ways to apply the effect in your projects.

Software Inspirations L-10 Mirror Merge Possibilities

Two new tools have been added to our fun Mirror Merge Toolbox. This lesson will focus on some of the things you can do with these new tools and open up the Mirror Merge Possibilities.

2017 BERNINA Capsule Club

Thanks to Wikipedia for this great description of a Capsule Wardrobe, the focus of this club. The lessons will be two meetings each. The first is the overview, discussion and prep for part two or at-home sewing and cost $20.00 each.  The second is hands-on construction and will cost $30.00 each.

Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a Londonboutique called "Wardrobe" in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsule_wardrobe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsule_wardrobe


Lesson 1- Summer

Create some basic summer staples including a basic dress, skirt and even pajamas! Learn how to incorporate the overlocker and BERNINA feet and accessories to accomplish these tasks flawlessly. Sundays, March 19 and April 16   1-4

Lesson 2- Fall

Jump into fall by creating a pair of jeans and a cardigan as well as other basics. New techniques and fabrics will be explored.

Sundays, June 18 and July 16   1-4

Lesson 3- Winter

Bundle up this winter with a handmade jacket, sweatshirt and even a nice travel set. You will be surprised with what you can create as you advance your sewing skills.

Saturdays, September 19 and October 22

Lesson 4- Spring!!!

Spring is here! Time for lightweight t-shirts (perfectly sewn on your overlocker), cropped pants and other wardrobe staples. Sundays, November 19 and January 22 (2018!)

Join the clubs for the year here. Soon.

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